Assign Additional Information to a Post

Once GEO my WP Post Types Locator add-on is activated and setup its Location section will be added to the "Post Edit" page. Using the location section you can assign Geolocation to a post as well as some additional information. You can choose to display the additional information in the search results produced by GEO my WP search forms.

GEO my WP additional information - GMW Location Section

GMW Location Section

Adding additional information to a post

  1. Contact information - The contact information fields provided to you by GEO my WP are phone number, fax number, email address and website URL. To add the contact information simply fill out the "Contact Information" fields located under "GMW Location" section.
  2. Days / Hours - In this section you can provide each day or multiple days and their opening hours. Simply fill out the days and the hours as you wish and save the post when you done.
GEO my WP additional information

Contact Information Section

GEO my WP additional information - Days / Hours Section

Days / Hours Section