Current Location Setup

To begin using the Current Location add-on you first need to activate it:

  1. Go to GEO my WP's Add-ons page ( Dashboard -> GEO my WP -> Add-ons ).
  2. Click "Activate Add-on" in the Current Location add-on box.

The page will reload, and the add-on box should now be green which means it is now active.

At this point when the add-on is active few things will happen:

  1. GEO my WP's original shortcode [gmw_current_location] will not be available any longer.
  2. A new [gmw_current_location] shortcode is available and replaces the old shortcode mentioned above and its attributes. Make sure you modify the attributes ( and probably styling ) of any existing [gmw_current_location] shortcodes on your site after activating the add-on.
  3. A new Current Location widget will be available for you to use.
Current Location Widget Admin

Current Location Widget Admin

You now can start using the Current Location widgets.