Settings Up GEO my WP

To setup GEO my WP go to GEO my WP Settings page ( dashboard -> GEO my WP -> Settings ). The Settings page Provides you with the basic settings for the core features of GEO my WP as well as the settings for the different add-ons that you might have activated.

GEO my WP General Settings

  1. Google Maps API V3 Key - This is optional, Google Does not require the API key for most of its features. However, having an API key will let you track the API requests made on your site. you can obtain your free Goole API key here.
  2. Client-side Geocoder - Check this checkbox if you want to use client-side to geocode the address entered in the address field of GEO my WP search forms. Client-side geocoding might prevent Google API's OVER_QUERY_LIMIT issue as well it might provide a faster respond time.
  3. Google API Language - Set the default language to that you would like to use with Google Places address auto-complete and with Google Maps API. Doing so will produce Google Places results and Google maps in the language you selected as long as Google API provides it. The list of language codes can be found here.
  4. Country Code - Enter the country code of the default country to be used with Google API. For example for United States enter US. List of country code can be found here.
  5. Auto Locator - GEO my WP will try to retrieve the user's current position when he first visits the website. If location successfuly found, it will be saved via cookies and later will be used in conjunction with different features, such as displaying results near the user's current location.
  6. Results Page - This page displays the search results ( of any of your forms ) when using "GMW Search Form" widget. The plugin will first check if a results page set in the form editor and if it is this page will display the list of results. Otherwise, if no results page set in the form editor, the results will be displayed using the page you choose from the select drop-down list. Choose the page from the dropdown menu and paste the shortcode [gmw form="results"] to the content of the page that you selected.
General Settings Page

General Settings Page